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Teebucket1313 Jun-21-01 03:57 PM
I have a 1000 mhz athlon computer, 128 meg ram, OS windows ME. I can't get the USB Alpa Cam Plus to work. It shows up in device manager and the software install and the indiacator light light when the computer boots. When we launch the Alpa Cam software, it shows there is no camera. We have reloaded the software and downloaded the latest drivers. We have a HP scanner on the same hub and it just fine. Also have a Sony Digtial camera that we can't download the files onto the computer. Same problem, shows up in device manager when plug into the hub. This is a new hub, we pluged it directly into computer with the same results. The only thing we have not done is reloaded ME. I went into multimedia in the control panel and it is set properly. Uninstalled and reinstall the camera software.

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lbyard Jun-21-01 04:19 PM
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What happens if you unplug the scanner? Uninstall the scanner? If the motherboard has a VIA chipset, try installing the USB filter driver. VIA's site is down or I would provide a link. You will have to look for it. The last time I looked for it it wasn't easy to find on VIA's web site. Larry

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