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HP 722 Printer
adlba May-20-01 02:44 AM
I would like to get the cover off this printer to clean up the mess it leaves under the ink cartridges when they are parked. There are two screws at the top which when removed don't seem to do anything. Does anyone know how to get the cover off without breaking any thing

1. RE: HP 722 Printer
lbyard May-20-01 04:22 PM
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Itís been sometime since Iíve worked on a 720 and I would have to have one on my bench to recall how I did it. It is easy to break thingsÖ Cleaning instructions are at
http://www.hp.com/cposupport/printers/support_doc/bpd04727.html. You can get CD with diagrams of many HP printers at http://fixyourownprinter.com/kkx1.html. I donít have it. Larry

2. RE: HP 722 Printer
copperpipe May-21-01 08:58 AM
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I just looked at my HP 720, and there is some mess on the right side in that little well. I would also be interested in hearing how to clean it. Looks like this might be a job for Qtips (?)...lots of them.

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