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Wireless keyboard/mice?
copperpipe May-08-01 05:09 PM
Would appreciate any comments/opinions regarding wireless keyboard/mice combos. I know replacing batteries is a disadvantage...but would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

1. RE: Wireless keyboard/mice?
lbyard May-08-01 05:48 PM
In response to message 0
I have never used or installed them. Larry

2. RE: Wireless keyboard/mice?
Moesdeal May-10-01 03:59 AM
In response to message 0
Logitech makes a nice combination set.

3. RE: Wireless keyboard/mice?
blck_dragon Jul-05-01 07:47 AM
In response to message 2
I purchased a very early model of the Logitech wireless kb/mouse combo (been around a year since then), here's some of the problems/difficulties I've encountered:

1) Batteries on the mouse die too fast to my liking...even though I don't use it much (see #2 below for reason).
2) The accuracy of the wireless mouse is not as good as a wired one
3) Although technically you can use your kb and/or mouse across the room, there's usually too much interference to make it really viable unless you're pointing the kb/mouse at the wireless "box."

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