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Cannot install modem or sound card
lockdown Apr-26-01 12:23 PM
New system build with VA 503 MB AMD 500 processor WD Hard drive system is up and running with Windows 98se loaded. When I try to load drivers for both devices sound and modem cards I receive the following message that I should insert Winmodem installer disk supplied from manufacturer of my computer.I have downloaded drivers for both devices from the manufacturers website and when I direct windows to where they are Windows says the drivers are not in that location. Thanks for the asisstance

1. RE: Cannot install modem or sound card
lbyard Apr-26-01 02:29 PM
In response to message 0
The OEM .inf files are probably trying to install a combination of stuff you downloaded and Windows 98 SE files. These kinds of problems require a little art and perseverance. Do not skip any files. If you do skip files remove the drivers in Start, Settings, Control Panel, System, Device Manager and start over. This may not be enough for Win MODEMs or soundcards which may require some registry manipulation, but rebooting, let Windows detect the hardware, reinstalling the drivers will usually suffice. So, you need to keep pointing Windows to the directory or floppies with the manufacturer’s drivers, to win9x on your Windows CD, c:\windows\options\cabs (Win 95, 98, 98SE) or c:\windows\options\install (Win Me; they are on the hard disk) if the cab files are on the hard disk, sub directories on the manufacturer’s floppy/install directory, until you find the file. Also, you may have resort to using the Windows Explorer search function to find the files. If that doesn’t work there are other tricks, but chances are you have the wrong drivers for the device. Larry

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