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Noreen May-14-00 05:02 PM
I reformatted my hard drive on my 750EL IBM Thinkpad. Now I can't install Win95 off the CD. This is my situation: I only have an internal floppy and an internal CD drive for this notebook, which, as you're well aware, I can only use one at a time. So, to get around this delimma, I copied all the files off the Win95 bootup disk to my hard drive and made it bootable. I insert the CD drive and power-up, the system boots and I get the normal start-up menu just as if I booted from the floppy. I choose "...with CD ROM support" but it can't find my drive. What can I do to get Win95 installed onto my notebook? Thank you for your support. Noreen.

1. RE: Thinkpad
lbyard May-15-00 03:29 PM
In response to message 0
Noreen, see if these help:




2. RE: Thinkpad
acurateg May-16-00 00:05 AM
In response to message 1
Sounds like you need to copy the CD-Rom drivers to your H/D first. Also be sure to put MSCDEX.EXE on your H/D, so that it can run from DOS.

3. RE: Thinkpad
lbyard May-16-00 01:37 PM
In response to message 2
You can't put the CD-ROM drivers on the hard disk and use them without making the hard disk bootable. You cannot install Windows by copying the cab files to the hard disk and running setup from the hard disk if it is bootable and windows has not been previously installed—maybe someone knows a work around for this situation? Therefore, if I were faced with the problem, I would boot to a floppy with the CD-ROM drivers on the floppy, or boot to the CD-ROM if it the Thinkpad can boot to it, copy the cab files to the hard disk, and install Windows from the hard disk. This of course is just one way of doing it. Putting the CD-ROM drivers on the hard disk and executing setup from the CD is another. The disadvantage of doing setup from the CD is that the CD is required whenever Windows needs a driver, etc. The disadvantage of doing setup from the hard disk is that the cab files take-up about 90 Mbytes (Win 95). Larry

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