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Network Printer problem
kalfried May-11-00 01:11 PM
Have successfully set up HP710C as network printer via connection to laptop, but unable to connect same printer to another PC on same home LAN. Otherwise LAN working well with internet sharing via Sygate.

Keep getting message saying 'has lost communication'.

Any ideas??

1. RE: Network Printer problem
lbyard May-11-00 02:56 PM
In response to message 0
The printer software is loosing communications from/with the printer. Are you using the same cable as the one you used on the laptop? You may have a marginal cable which will work on one computer printer port and not on the other; not likely. It should be an IEEE-1284 (bi-directional cable). Check for pushed-in pins on the printer cable. Screw the PC end down and latch the Centronics end at the printer. Remove any other device you may have attached to the port; e.g., scanner.
http://www.hp.com/cposupport/printers/support_doc/bpd05016.html: ‘Click Cancel, turn the printer off, unplug the printer cable, wait a few seconds, reconnect the cable, make sure the printer is on with no error lights, restart Windows, and try again.’ Remove and reinstall the paper (paper out can cause a printer communications error, at least it can in DOS). Try the various printer modes in your computer's CMOS Setup. ECP+EPP usually works with bi-directional printers, but others may fix the problem. Try F8 just as Windows starts to boot, select the DOS prompt from the resulting menu, find a non-zero length text file (one that is 1-2K would be a good choice) (e.g., autoexec.bat or something ending in .txt), and print from DOS with:
C:\>type autoexec.bat>lpt1:
C:\>type filename.txt>LPT1:
If that works consistently, the problem is probably in Windows.
Be sure Windows is set-up correctly with the correct printer driver and something else (another printer, FAX, etc.) is not assigned LPT1: Be sure the 710 is set as the default Windows printer. Try it on another desktop computer. If that works, try another printer on the suspect computer. I have seen cases where a baby AT motherboard was upgraded, but the printer cable/header assembly from the old motherboard was used and caused problems, but that is very rare. Also, the cable connecting to the motherboard could be backwards or loose. Larry

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