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c12ack Apr-01-01 06:35 PM
well, i got a few problems than just the scsi. 1) im trying to install win 98se to a scsi hdd. it gets up to the rebooting stage, and during reboot, it's supposed to go back to the installation process right? well, it loads up the scsi card, recognizes the drive and when it's supposed to go back to the installation, it says "PRESS ANY KEY TO REBOOT" Please help.

Main Components:
AMD T-Bird 1.2ghz
Abit KT7A
Adaptec 19160 U160 SCSI card
IBM Ultrastar DDYS-xxx 9.1gb ultra 160 lvd hdd
IBM Deskstar 30.7gb ata100 hdd (not installed)
Yamaha 16x10x40x cd-r(w) SCSI
256mb pc133 crucial sdram

2) is it possible to have a scsi hdd and ide hdd in the same system? i.e. scsi = C:\ ide = d:\ because when i connected the ide hdd, it read that as the C:\ drive.

sorry. this is the first time i built a computer using scsi components and dont know jack.

1. RE: SCSI HELP!!!!!!
lbyard Apr-01-01 07:07 PM
In response to message 0
You know something because you got it to workóthatís the hard partóa lot of people donít configure the terminators correctly and some, including me at one time or two, even break or lose them. You should be able to run IDE and SCSI drives in the same computer. Most Adaptec SCSI host adapters display a bunch of stuff on the screen when first booting and indicate a key combination to get into the host adapter BIOS setup (which is different then the motherboard BIOS), believe it is Ctrl-A or Alt-A. In that setup you should be able to tell the host adapter BIOS to boot to the SCSI drive. Suggest not playing with the other settings if you donít understand them.
After making the selection, you may have to power-down your computer, pull the power cord, and wait 15-30 seconds before powering-up again. There may be a jumper on the board to tell it to use the host adapter BIOS or not use it. The default is usually to use it. Also, most motherboards have a CMOS Setup selection to designate the boot device and most of them have a SCSI selection. If you need more help, please come back and give me a little time to review the documentation for your specific host adapter. I donít like SCSI drives in my computer because I donít like waiting for the SCSI BIOS to initialize and they certainly do cost more. Larry

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