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barricade keeps dialing
abnormal Mar-30-01 06:10 PM
I recently got an SMC Barricade and hooked it up to my ethernet and a Sportster 56K modem. Two problems:
1) the barricade keeps causing the modem to dial. How do I set it so I can dial on demand, or do I just shut off the modem when I don't want to dial?
2) the modem connects and then drops the connection. Where do I look at modem settings?

1. RE: barricade keeps dialing
lbyard Mar-30-01 07:53 PM
In response to message 0
The latest version of the Barricade firmware is R1.91a. You can determine the version by browsing to You can update the firmware at http://www.smc.com/smc/pages_html/homef.html. In the Barricade Primary Setup, change the WAN type to dial-up. That will give you a menu with the available settings. Version R1.91a of the firmware will has an auto reconnect feature. If you still have problems, try disabling it in the Primary Setup. I would try the MODEM connected directly to PC to see if dropping the connection is a MODEM or Barricade problem. It could be a phone line or service provider problem. Listen for noise on the line with a telephone. Larry

2. RE: barricade keeps dialing
abnormal Apr-02-01 11:47 AM
In response to message 1
Thanks Larry. Got the firmware. Now I'll check out the modem.

3. RE: barricade keeps dialing
abNORMal Apr-27-01 05:30 PM
In response to message 2

It bugs me when the original poster doesn't reply that a fix worked or didn't, and I'm left wondering what the heck happened.

Now I are one. (Sorry).

The firmware fix did the trick.


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