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Windows startup disk don't recognize SCSI cdrom drive
paulwsibley Mar-22-01 06:02 AM
Ok, so my friend comes to me with his computer and asks me to fix it -He messed it up totally while trying to free up memory on his hard disk. I didn't know where to begin and didn't see any other option other than to format his drive and start from scratch. So that's what I did. I sort of relied on my windows startup disk to find his cdrom and then allow me to reinstall windows on his machine, but the funny thing is that the windows startup disk didn't find his cdrom! I pulled apart his machine to see what the heck was on the shake, and turns out that he has a SCSI CDROM. Please tell me how I can get windows to recognize his scsi cdrom drive through startup so that I can install windows for him and have him off my back...

P.S. I've already edited his startup disk and have included his drivers into the config.sys file. I learned to do that from an article in one of these forums.

Thank you.

1. RE: Windows startup disk don't recognize SCSI cdrom drive
lbyard Mar-22-01 12:59 PM
In response to message 0
Sigh! You will need to install the drivers for the SCSI host adapter and that can be complicated. The stock startup floppy has a bunch of SCSI drivers and will try to find the board and install the appropriate driver, but it does not cover all boards or configurations. If you need more help please gather as much info about the computer, SCSI adapter, and CD-ROM drive that you can. Larry

2. RE: Windows startup disk don't recognize SCSI cdrom drive
paulwsibley Mar-23-01 04:58 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks Larry. I did what you said and the problem is now fixed. Paul

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