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Modem Problems
dupbooks Mar-17-01 10:06 PM
I'm having three problems that usually all happen in the course of a day: #1. When I dial in, I get a message similar to "Cannot connect with computer, check your password...or the computer is not answering -- I may solve this by redialing but not all the time.

#2 I get disconnected and have to reconnect, usually with the #1 problem Sometimes I have to restart the computer.

#3. I'll suddenly find I cannot go anywhere on the net, nor can I receive email. I'll check my connection and it tells me I am still connected. When I click disconnect, it will not disconnect. I have to shift-control--delete a couple of times to close the connection and restart.

I have windows 98 on an aptiva

Can anyone help?


1. RE: Modem Problems
lbyard Mar-18-01 02:59 PM
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All of these problems could be caused by your service provider. How often are your connections being dropped. Check Start, Setting, Control Panel, System Device Manager for multiple instances of the MODEM driver and exclamation marks indicating a resource conflict. If you have a conflict and your MOEDM is a PCI MODEM, try moving it to another slot. Try disabling on COM1: and COM2: in the CMOS setup if you are not using them for a mouse, etc. Listen to the phone line used by your MODEM for noise. Check the cables from the MODEM to the wall. Do you have anything else connected to the same phone line such as a FAX machine? If so, try disconnecting it for a while. Check your phone line polarity (http://duxcw.com/dcforum/DCForumID3/129.html). Larry

2. RE: Modem Problems
dupbooks Mar-18-01 04:36 PM
In response to message 1
Thank you. I appreciate your input. I have a Rockwell HCF56.

3. RE: Modem Problems
lbyard Mar-18-01 05:11 PM
In response to message 2
That's the chipset on the MODEM, and probably not the make and model of the MODEM. You may be able to find-out that info with http://duxcw.com/digest/Fromshop/mb/det.htm and then the manufacture’s web site with a search engine. There may be updated MODEM drivers on the Manufacturer’s web site. Larry

4. RE: Modem Problems
pucker89 Apr-03-01 03:48 AM
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#2 I know in Internet explorer it has an options in the internet options that if your connection is idle for more than 10 -15 mins it will disconn you .try turning that off.Also in dail up networking ,go to the prop of the connection and unticked disconnect if idle .also other things you may need to take into consideration is ,ext cords ,do not use them as they break up the connection .do you have line noise on the line??Try downloading the latest drivers and firmware upgrades for your modem .

How much Ram do you have??Also delete your temp internet files every week as the tend to build up very quick .

#1 as to the password issue make sure you don't have CAPS LOCK on

5. RE: Modem Problems
dupbooks Apr-03-01 12:01 PM
In response to message 4
Thank you. I have a feeling it has to do with line noise. My town is not exactly up to date in its wiring. I'll check your other suggestions. I appreciate it.

7. RE: Modem Problems
adi Dec-11-01 08:42 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Dec-11-01 AT 08:42 PM (GMT)

the first problem is from ur ISP .

the second problem U can solve it by decrease the max speed of the port try to put it ( 38400 or 57600 ) if U like to do this go to start - settings - control panels - modem ( in the general tab ) and in the same dialog box but in the ( connection tab ) double check if ( wait for dial tone ) is not checked .

the third problem U can solve it by refresh ur network componente ( tcp/ip , clients for microsfot network , and dial up adapter ) U should remove them and reinstall them again ...in this case U need to have the CD

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