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what are these Formats
rsierra Mar-13-01 08:55 PM
What is TAJIMA formatted DST
file? I have someone requesting that I save my jpeg in this format for some work they need to get done. Does anyone have any idea what they may be talking about.


1. RE: what are these Formats
lbyard Mar-14-01 02:12 PM
In response to message 0
File format used by PC DESIGNER SOFTWARE for making patterns on a PC or MAC to download to PFAFF, etc. sewing machines… http://www.pfaff-us-cda.com/products/accessories/pcd_software.html:

“This remarkable software, available for computers running Windows as well as for Macintosh® computers, lets you create your own stitch designs on your computer screen in full color, then download them to your sewing machine and sew them out in only minutes! Think of all the fun you can have turning drawings or pictures into gorgeous embroidery in practically no time at all.”

Search http://www.google.com/ with TAJIMA formatted DST for more info. Larry

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