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Can't read from the C drive !!!
zuleika Mar-10-01 11:05 PM
I've just assembled a pent 100 ( new mainboard & processor ) old stock, I have 4 hard drives, but can't get the machine to read from any of them even those with win 95 installed.
Is there something in the bios that's been upset?
tried fdisking & partitioning ...only getting further in the mire

Dean, New Zealand.

1. RE: Can't read from the C drive !!!
lbyard Mar-11-01 03:13 PM
In response to message 0
You may have to set-up the CMOS for the drives. Use the auto setting if it has one. Try detecting the drive if the BIOS has the capability. Otherwise you will have to manually crank-in the drive parameters in the User Defined setting. Use LBA if the motherboard supports it and the drive is larger than 508 Mbytes. If it doesn’t support LBA, then you will have to use EZ drive, Disk Manager, or some other driver that ads LBA support (see our Hard Disk drive FAQs at http://duxcw.com/faq/hd/hd.htm for links). I would be very leery of any motherboard that old. Why would a motherboard sit on the shelf all of these years? It was returned to the vendor because it had a bad IDE interface? Larry

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