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AT power supply
brainstorm Mar-10-01 06:13 PM
Anybody out there know where I can buy a new AT power supply that does not get activated by the motherboard but rather by a front case switch? I realize that sounds confusing but this is an older AT power supply and it has a big black line that runs directly from the power supply to four connectors on the front of the case with a switch. All of the at power supplies I can find are ones that get sent a signal from the motherboard. Any ideas? Thanks-
Mark Swanson

1. RE: AT power supply
lbyard Mar-10-01 06:27 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Mar-10-01 AT 06:28 PM (GMT)

You are probably trying to find a PS/2 form factor AT power supply. Try Antec: http://www.antec-inc.com/antec_store.html. Larry

2. RE: AT power supply
brainstorm Mar-10-01 11:00 PM
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Thanks Larry,

The only one that looks right is the http://www.antec-inc.com/product/powers/pp250v.html

It says: PP250V is a 250 Watt 4-output, fan-cooled Baby AT Size (PS/2 Size) power supply designed for personal computer or industrial applications. It offers thermal controlled variable speed fan feature
(Smart Fan) for better cooling and quieter operation that assure long product life. It delivers the highest reliability and performance.

It doesn't say that it has the front switch module but I'm assuming that since you pointed me in this direction that it probably does?

Thanks again-
Mark Swanson

3. RE: AT power supply
lbyard Mar-11-01 03:04 PM
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I do not know if it does or not. Most of the quality power supplies come with the switch soldered on a cord going to the supply and shrink-wrapped around the switch contacts. I have seen supplies that did not come with the switch. Larry

4. RE: AT power supply
brainstorm Mar-11-01 04:15 PM
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I just dropped an e-mail to Antec support and one to computergate.com support asking what their particular power supplies have. When I get a response, I'll post it back here.

5. RE: AT power supply
maggie Apr-20-01 03:15 AM
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If you are still looking:

http://power-on.com has AT power supplies with the switch attached. I just received one in the mail.

I got a 200 Watt, but they have more powerful ones.

6. RE: AT power supply
copperpipe Apr-20-01 08:28 PM
In response to message 5
CompUSA also sells 250 Watt AT power supplies with the switch you mentioned for about $20, but for $10 more you can buy a new AT case...if your case is very old.

If your motherboard has both ATX and AT power connectors, you might also consider buying an ATX case since AT boards will fit in most ATX cases. This will be money better spent since you can then upgrade to ATX motherboards in the future.

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