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KS-282 Case LEDs and front panel leads.
Ddolllaw May-10-00 03:51 AM
Does anyone know what color the ground is for the connectors. The manual says to connect them correctly make letters telling what the cable is for face the front of the case, but my Tyan Trinity 7 board has the connectors in two rows not on and on the front row the ground is on the left and on the back row the ground and negative are on the right.

I just don't want to short out my board.

1. RE: KS-282 Case LEDs and front panel leads.
lbyard May-10-00 01:59 PM
In response to message 0
You can plug LEDs in backwards and it won't hurt them or the motherboard. Switches do not have a polarity and can be plugged-in either way. The speaker can be plugged-in either way. It has two wires that usually connect to a four-wire plug. You can plug a switch, which is not closed (most arenít except, possibly, the key lock on older cases), into a LED connection on the motherboard and it won't hurt the motherboard (or switch). Do not plug a LED into a switch header on a motherboard or a closed (short) switch into a LED header on the motherboard. I generally start with the Power on switch (ATX motherboard), and then the speaker, and follow with the Power on LED. The Power on LED usually plugs into a five-pin header or a group of five pins on a header with the keylock. Keep plugging it in the four possible positions, backward and forwards, until it lights. The key lock (if it isnít on a five-pin plug with the Power on) goes into the remaining two pins. You can do this with the computer on. Follow with the reset switch and test. Next, hunt for the HD LED like the Power on, using the Reset switch to boot the computer and light the LEDÖ There are still Turbo LEDs and Switches in the world and some motherboards still accommodate a Turbo LED. I handle them last because the wiring is not consistent from case to case and motherboard to motherboard, and they have no meaningful function except eliminate the problem of having to explain to a customer why the Turbo LED isnít on and why the Turbo switch has no real purpose. If I canít get them to work after a few minutes or fidgeting, I leave them disconnected and bundle them with the other wires with a zip (cable) tie. Sometimes, one must resort to tracing wires to the appropriate LEDs and switches... The last case LED I burned-out in my shop was about five years ago and that was caused by error, not procedure. Larry

3. RE: KS-282 Case LEDs and front panel leads.
Ddolllaw May-10-00 08:51 PM
In response to message 1

Well, the Tyan Trinity 7 has no turbo or key lock that I can tell from either looking at board or manual and the lights seem to work.

The reason I have become concerned about this is as follows: My system is hooked to a surge protector (not sure if part of problem) and the CPU is a AMD K7 700Mhz. The problem is that when Windows 98 shuts down it powers off the computer, but when I power on afterwards, the power apparently goes on (fans works, CD-rom drives can be opened and closed) but no system post, no boot and the monitor stays in sleep mode.

However, if I turn the surge protector off and then back on the system works normally.

4. RE: KS-282 Case LEDs and front panel leads.
lbyard May-10-00 10:13 PM
In response to message 3
If the speaker is connected and you do not hear a beep, then the motherboard is probably not starting the post process. I have seen this sort of porblem (will boot if power cycled, but won't boot from the power on, or boots intermittantly) caused by the motherboard itself, a video board, memory, and the power supply. Does it boot consistently with everything, including drive cables, pulled except video? Larry

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