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Motherboard Testing
hyltont Mar-01-01 02:36 AM
Is it reasonable to expect an ATX motherboard, with cpu, to display the initial boot up monolog under the following conditions?
1. No memory inserted
2. No cards other than a basic graphics board to drive the monitor (monitor and card known to be OK).
3. No hard or floppy drives connected.
4. No mouse or keyboard connected.
5. Motherboard unmounted lying on a pile of books so that power supply leads can reach.
6. ATX power supply connected with correct voltages at connector.
7. No connections to front panel (power-on achieved by linking pins 14 and 15 on power supply connector).
I ask this because I want to be able to do initial tests on motherboards very quickly without risking damage to other expensive items before they are needed.

1. RE: Motherboard Testing
deerslayer Mar-01-01 01:12 PM
In response to message 0
I think some will not boot to bios without memory installed. If I remember, you will get 3 beeps without memory installed, and may or may not get a bios screen.

633 Celeron @1055, Abit bx-133, 256 pc 133 @ cas 2-2-3, ATI radeon 64 mb DDR

2. RE: Motherboard Testing
hyltont Mar-01-01 01:23 PM
In response to message 1
>I think some will not boot
>to bios without memory installed.
>If I remember, you will
>get 3 beeps without memory
>installed, and may or may
>not get a bios screen.

I hoped that the bios screen would ALWAYS operate before memory was looked at.

3. Minimum Motherboard Boot Configuration
lbyard Mar-01-01 03:11 PM
In response to message 2
No. Most ATX motherboards will boot with the following minimum configuration:
CPU installed
CPU fan installed and connected to the power supply or motherboard, depending on the type of fan. Athlon and Duron processors will become crispy fries within seconds if an operational fan is not installed.
Memory installed
Display adapter
Power connected. Many ATX power supplies have a separate power switch on the back of the supply, which must be on. The 110/220 volt switch on the back of most power supplies must be in the correct position. And, of course, the power cord must be plugged into the power supply and a good wall outlet.
Power-on from the front panel connected (and the button pushed once)
Jumpers set correctly.
I also connect the loud speaker so I can hear any beep codes.

4. RE: Minimum Motherboard Boot Configuration
hyltont Mar-02-01 01:38 PM
In response to message 3
Thanks for your kind input Larry. It's not that I'm lazy but I have 16 mobos to test and I hate subjecting non-essential expensive components to risk until I feel sure they won't fry.

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