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System keeps rebooting
vikilyn_m Feb-16-01 04:20 PM
I am running Win 98 SE. In the past few weeks, I have been experiencing problems with my system at home. It is rebooting on its own at erratic times. I have run scandisk, defrag, and McAfee virus scan on it, but it continues to reboot in the middle of printing, logging online, just whenever! It's getting frustrating, to say the least. This started happening about a couple of weeks ago. Any ideas? Thanks!

1. RE: System keeps rebooting
lbyard Feb-16-01 05:21 PM
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That is almost always hardware problem and is usually board related, but could be a noisy power supply. Try reseating your memory and expansion boards. Check all drive and power cables to be sure none have come loose. Make sure the CPU is fully seated. Check for a loose printer cable. More rebooting can be viewed here: http://www.peregrinecontrols.com/computer_rebooting.htm (gotcha). Larry

2. RE: System keeps rebooting
kevin Apr-11-01 09:48 PM
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i have found this is mainly caused by the cpu overheating

3. RE: System keeps rebooting
lbyard Apr-12-01 05:27 PM
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Yes, I have seen that problem many times on hot summer days. I have also seen it before heatsinks were required for CPUs. Larry

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