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RE : NO Sound
kamal Feb-14-01 10:03 PM
I have a compaQ 450 Pentium PC, running on Win95 and I have the speaker unchecked but there is no sound coming out from the internal speakers.
Please can you help me determine why there is no sound.
Also the volume control is set to full and you see the color bar when you try to preview the sound.
I cannot get any sound at all.

I appreciate your help.


1. RE: RE : NO Sound
lbyard Feb-15-01 01:32 AM
In response to message 0
Make sure the speaker volume control on the speakers is also turned-up, the speakers are plugged into the sound card, not the MODEM, that they are plugged into the correct jack on the sound card, and that ant AC/DC converter used to power the speakers is plugged into a good outlet. Be sure that Mute isnít enabled in the Windows Control. Do you see exclamation marks in Start, Setting, Control Panel, System, Device Manager? If so, start with the Microsoft Resource Conflict Troubleshooter. Larry

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