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atx chassis power button
Conicks May-03-00 00:01 AM
the wire connecting the power button to the motherboard on my atx case might be bad. how do i go about fixing this?

1. RE: atx chassis power button
diletante May-03-00 12:53 PM
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It would probably be worth your time to determine if it is really bad before trying to replace it. A simple, cheap VOM (volt-ohm-meter) like you can get in Radio Shack or even an automotive store will let you test the wires and power button. If there is a problem, and you can remove the wires from the switch, you could determine if it is the wires/connector or the switch, and you might be able to fix it.


2. RE: atx chassis power button
lbyard May-03-00 02:02 PM
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As Rob suggested, I would check the switch with a multimeter. However, you said it may be bad. I have yet to see a bad one. To see if it is the motherboard, short the pins on the motherboard to which the switch connects. Make sure absolutely sure you short only the right pins. The motherboard can be damaged if you short the wrong pins or more than two pins. Another possibility, and the one you should consider first, is that you have the CMOS set for a four second shutdown. So, try holding the switch for a long 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 count. I have found that it is usually longer than four seconds with Award BIOSís on the motherboards I have used. To change the setting to instant off in most Award BIOS Setups, Press the Delete key when prompted to at boot-up to get into the CMOS Setup, select POWER MANAGEMENT SETUP, and change Soft-off by PWRBTN to Instant Off with the Page Down key. Esc to the main setup menu and choose Save and Exit. Other BIOSís should have a similar function. Finally, if you still have shut-down problems, they may be caused by Windows 95 or Windows 98 Second EditionÖ Did this help? Larry

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