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Chassis fans
jwey Feb-10-01 05:48 AM
Hi Larry,

You may have addressed this in one of the forums, but I couldn't seem to find it. This isn't really a problem, just sort of an odd quirk I noticed on my computer. I have an EPoX MVP-G3M board that has the USDM utility that monitors the system's temperatures and fan speeds (which, by the way, works most excellente). Anyway, I have 2 chassis fans along with the CPU fan in my Antec case and they are all plugged into the mobo. The CPU fan runs at about 5600 RPM, which, I think, is normal, and one of the chassis fans runs at about 4600 RPM. Now for the quirk: The other chassis fan (in the back of the case) is plugged into the power fan connector on the mobo but the USDM says that its speed is only about 2800 RPM. Both chassis fans are exactly the same (Antec) and they both are blowing in the right direction, I think (front one pulls air in, back one pushes air out). So, O great Carnac (I read that forum--it IS better than reading e-mail!), any thoughts on this? Thanks! :<)

John Wey

1. RE: Chassis fans
lbyard Feb-12-01 02:37 PM
In response to message 0
See what happens when you swap where the chassis fans plug into the motherboard. Chassis fans have a tachometer circuit (http://duxcw.com/digest/Reviews/cpufan/socket7/vantec.htm) that may become defective. More likely... a bad bearing will cause a fan to slow down (or stop). Look for telltale black powder on the motherboard. Be sure to thoroughly clean-up any that you find. The screws securing the fan may be over-torqued. The Antec chassis fans I've seen have been pretty good quality-wise and I have not seen one break yet. Carnac

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