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chrislewis.rogers Feb-06-01 08:14 PM
I have an Althlon 1ghz and Via VT8363 KT133 chipset.

I was taken in by the hype of daisychaining USB peripherals. I have 2 external USB ports and 2 internal.

I first started having trouble when I tried installing new webcam, and USB printer and USB mouse (I already had USB scanner and joystick). No matter what I did, they would not all work together (plugged into USB hub x4). The problem as far as the camera is concerned is lack of bandwidth. It showed an error diagram showing the camera needing more than the 76% it was being allocated. When I install each peripheral, it seems to knock out the other ones.

I looked on "system" and it showed only two USB root hubs through 2 x 3038 PCI controllers. Only one appeared to be dealing with all the peripherals, and I assume the other one is the internal ports. I was expecting there to be 4.

I have no conflicts. I am running ME (I am having a lot of crashes with it, but I blame myself for all the messing around I do).

Can you please help me. I am getting desperate.

1. RE: USB
lbyard Feb-06-01 09:00 PM
In response to message 0
All one has to do is punch Windows (whatever) and USB into Microsoft's Knowledgebase (http://search.support.microsoft.com/kb/c.asp?DU=C&FR=0) to realize that one does not want umpteen USB gadgets hung-off a computer. All of those gadgets are probably pulling to much power... If the printer also has a parallel printer port, try using it. It probably will not make much difference in performance. In fact, the parallel port might be faster (http://duxcw.com/digest/Reviews/Printers/hp895.htm). Buy a PS/2 mouse; they are cheap. Buy a joystick that uses the game port, if the one you have is not too expensive. Sell it to a friend (not a close one) if it is. You should be able to get a USB cable/bracket assembly for the motherboard (?) to connect the internal USB header to the outside of the case. But then you may have more IRQs to contend with. Speaking of IRQs, disable all motherboard devices you are not using; e.g., COM ports and the printer port if the printer is not connected to it. You may find this link useful: http://www.usbworkshop.com/. Larry

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