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PC hangs/stall
eeyntgk Feb-06-01 05:27 AM
hi there,

I assembled a computer with the following specs:
Abit Motherboard SE-6
PIII 866/133MHz
128 Mb SDRAM/133MHz
IBM HDD 30Gb/7200rpm
ASUS GeForce V7100 graphics card

the problem I have been having eversince I set up the computer is that the computer can stall/hang anytime (most frequently when I am playing games eg. Diablo), I can't reboot the computer from the keyboard (Ctrl-Alt-Del) but to press the reboot button... and the computer starts by going to the usual scandisk page, afterwhich it would go into windows as normal... however, it would hang again randomly later..

Issit because of my RAM? motherboard? processor?
Please advice..


1. RE: PC hangs/stall
lbyard Feb-06-01 06:23 AM
In response to message 0
Got a loaded machine, right? If you are overclocking, stop. Many things could cause the problem. Are you getting error messages? I would look in Start, Settings, Control Panel, System, Device Manager for things with exclamation marks next to them indicating a resource conflict. Come back if that looks OK or the Windows troubleshooter doesn’t help you resolve the conflict. Larry

2. RE: PC hangs/stall
eeyntgk Feb-07-01 02:28 AM
In response to message 1
I went to control panel, system, device manager and found this:
Network Adapters:
!! Internet Connection Sharing

Explanation: The NDIS.VXD device loader(s) for this device could not load the device driver (Code 2)
what does this mean?? can this cause the computer to stall or hang randomly??

3. RE: PC hangs/stall
lbyard Feb-07-01 05:19 PM
In response to message 2
Search the C: drive and see if the file is present and not zero length. Run a virus scan. Larry

4. RE: PC hangs/stall
eeyntgk Feb-09-01 08:18 AM
In response to message 3
I sorted the previous problem noted in the control panel, now no more "!" exists in the device manager... I also ran virus scan on the whole c: .... no virus was found...

Unfortunately the problem of my pc stalling randomly remains... how? anymore suggestions?? please help..

ps: one funny thing is that how come when I boot up the computer, the BIOS says that my CPU clock is 100MHz when all the front side bus of my computer is actually 133MHz? please explain...
furthermore, if I try to push the CPU clock up to 133MHz in the BIOS, the computer won't boot up.... and I have to discharge my CMOS manually and then put the clock speed back to 100MHz...
ps2: the CPU clock speed options are only:
ps3: by the way, selecting Auto also won't work...

5. RE: PC hangs/stall
lbyard Feb-09-01 08:45 PM
In response to message 4
Do you have the latest BIOS installed? The latest one (http://www.abit.com.tw/english/index.htm) is dated 10/31/2000. The date of your BIOS will be displayed when the computer first boots. Press the pause key to freeze the screen; any other key to resume. If you decide to upgrade the BIOS, I’ll warn you that if you make a mistake, the flash fails in midcourse (e.g., a power outage), or you flash with the wrong version or the BIOS, your motherboard may become inoperable and have to be shipped to a facility to have the BIOS reflashed. Do it at your own risk. Sounds like a possible memory problem from here, but it could be something else. Are you getting any error messages? Larry

6. RE: PC hangs/stall
eeyntgk Feb-15-01 08:38 AM
In response to message 5
OK, well first thing first... reflashing my BIOS is quite a serious thing man.... any other sugestion mate? I think I might leave this as the last resort...
anyway, as you suggested, I checked the BIOS date at boot up.... well it doesn't tell me the specific date... it was only written something like that: BIOS 1996-2000....
well that's not much help, I reckoned..

7. RE: PC hangs/stall
lbyard Feb-15-01 01:57 PM
In response to message 6
The problem is probably being caused by one of three things:
Bad memory
Bad motherboard
Interrupt conflicts
In that order. I would check for Interrupt conflicts in the Device Manager and when the computer boots up. I would try Windows IRQ steering by enabling PnP is aware in the CMOS Setup. If that didn't fix it, I would replace the memory. Larry

8. Hang/Stall/Lockup
Rex Jun-16-01 08:27 AM
In response to message 0
I've recently gone through the hang/stall problem that you describe.(running win98) It was intermittent so that made it even harder to diagnose. Basically I tried ALL of the software
fixes. Including re-installing Win98 over the existing copy on my hard drive. (a backed up registry is always a bail out when 98 starts acting flaky!) When I say everything ,I mean everything, Including re-installing the my latest Bios, that VXD fix floating out on the net, re-installing all the latest hardware drivers I could find. Virus Scans, Microsoft Knowledge Base, and tweaks out the ying yang. The first sign of things to come was that the PC would lock up in safe mode… sometimes. Then I couldn’t shut down the PC w/o lockups… sometimes, then I couldn’t re-start 98 w/o locking up. Disabling fast shutdown, closing all TSR’s still no luck. Then I remembered that I had upgraded my Voodoo3 (now defunct) to the latest drivers a while back. I had since restored the original drivers and so I figured that getting things back to the way they were before the Freeeze/Hang Bug bit my PC was the solution. Well, multiple scan disks and defrags couldn’t help the inevitable as I was soon only able to get in 98 by restoring the registry. After that I decided to switch Video Cards. (A Matrox Mystique that I had. And like a charm the problem went away. I mean totally away! 1 week and I can go in safe mode, shut down, reboot…no freeze ups! I tried to install the latest drivers for the Matrox, instead of the ones that came with 98, The gremlins started to creep back, so I switched back to the 98 drivers. When 98 said I was copying older files over newer ones and asked if I wanted to keep the latest I declined. Don’t forget the Video Card/ and or it’s drivers for the Hang/Shutdown/lockup problem.

9. RE: PC hangs/stall
lbyard Jun-16-01 10:33 AM
In response to message 0
Most likely it is a memory problem, but it could be caused by other things such as a bad motherboard or a hot CPU. Larry

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