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Upgrading of PSU??
warriorheart Jan-19-01 04:01 PM
Hi! I am using a AMD ThunderBird 800 system and I have just read a bit abt such systems needing at least a 300W power supply unit. My present system is running with a 250W PSU and seems stable enough, though I may be adding in some more additional hardware such as cooling fans. Is there a need to upgrade to a higher PSU?? Is there any software to check the usuage of the PSU and how to check whether if system is underpowered? Pls advise. Thanks!

1. RE: Upgrading of PSU??
lbyard Jan-19-01 05:56 PM
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See http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/buildcom/athlon/ath_1.htm for my views on this subject. Also, there are some postings in this Forum and/or the Motherboard Forum on it. Set your search for the last year instead of the default of one day. Forum searches are done by clicking search at the top of this page. Site searches, including Forum material, are entered at the left. Larry

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