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video camera
wally2117 Jan-19-01 06:59 AM

I would like to know if it's possible to connect
via some hardware, a toshiba video camera unit that came with a tecra 780dvd laptop.

I know it's a proprietary hardware of toshiba, but
if it's possible, I would make a kind of home made interface card to plug it into my computer.

I just need some documentation about that camera,
and, as we suppose, companies are not very helpfull with the drawings of their equipment. Do you know a site or else that could discuss on that


1. RE: video camera
lbyard Jan-19-01 02:15 PM
In response to message 0
Wally, the only thing on can find on this subject is in the Toshiba Technical Forum on CompuServe (http://forums.compuserve.com/vlforums/default.asp?SRV=Toshiba):

“Subj: Tecra 780DVD capturecard

I would like to modify so I could capture the video from my camcorder to build-in video capture card of 780DVD.
Any one have idea how I can get the adapter for this.


You can't. The port is proprietary hardware that will only work with the
camera that ships with the unit.

Doc Mark -Team Toshiba- “
Schematics are generally very difficult to get. It would probably be cheaper to buy a new camera then to design and build an interface board.

2. RE: video camera
wally2117 Jan-19-01 09:44 PM
In response to message 1
Hi Larry

Thanks for the reply.

I found that this video camera is YUV multiplexed 8 bits format.

And the interface card is a ZV port (zoomed video)
that is not proprietary of toshiba. So I continue my reaserch to find something.

The connector at the camera is a proprietary to toshiba but It's not a problem. Anyone can change a connector...


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