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add video card to old computer
professoryam Jan-19-01 03:15 AM
My P100 computer has 1MB onboard video, upgradable to 2MB. Is it possible if I add an 16MB PCI video card to it?

1. RE: add video card to old computer
lbyard Jan-19-01 01:49 PM
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Most recent video cards plug into an AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) slot, a specialized interface for video cards, on more recent (the last few years) computer motherboards. Judging by the speed of your processor, your motherboard may not have an AGP slot. So, you will probably need to find a 16 MByte PCI video card. They are still available, but are getting harder to find. I would not invest a lot of money in hardware to augment an aging motherboard. An 8 MByte, or even a 4 MByte board, if you can find one, may be sufficient for your needs. I would suggest checking the specifications of available PCI video boards to see how they match your requirements. With exception of game fanatics, etc. 16-bit High Color or true color and 800 X 600 resolution will suite many users with 15 inch or smaller monitors. If you have a 17 or larger monitor, you will probably want to run it at a resolution of 1024 X 769 pixels or higher, and, perhaps, 32-bit color. Be sure display adapter drivers are available for your version of Windows. Larry

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