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modem speed
wally2117 Jan-17-01 04:28 AM

Is there somebody that knows a trick to increase a modem connection?

I've a brand new computer with a AOpen 56k modem and when I dial my internet provider, I'm never able to connect at a speed more than 28800 bauds!

I had an old MAC with an external 14,4 modem before and I'm still, with my new Athlon 900, in the Flinstone age with my internet connection!

Cable modem is not yet available in my area.

Thanks for your tips!


I really like this Forum, but Larry, it's not necessary to put me in the front page! I'm glad to help cause I like to be helped when I need it.

1. RE: modem speed
lbyard Jan-17-01 05:25 PM
In response to message 0
The connect speed could be caused by your ISPís MODEM. I would call them after checking Start, Settings, Control Panel, MODEMs, Properties, General, Maximum Connect Speed=115,200. It could also be your telephone line. Listen to it with a phone. If it is noisy, call the phone company. If you are more than 4 miles from your telephone switch, the MODEM probably will not go digital. If it doesnít go digital, the maximum analog connect speed is 33.6. If you are way out in the boonies, 28.8 is about par.

I thought your write-up on dual-booting was very good and useful. If you would rather I remove from my home page, I will of course do so. Click the little square with what looks like it could be red writing next to lbyard above to E-Mail me. Only about 500 people per day look at the home page. Many more visit the forums and key articles. Larry

2. RE: modem speed
diletante Jan-19-01 03:37 PM
In response to message 1
If your connection speed is always the same, 28.8, then it sounds like your ISP or some setting is applying the speed limit. If your phone line is the problem, I would expect to see connection speeds vary somewhat. Anyway, if you suspect your phone line, consider this. I recently checked the phone line polarity at my house and was surprised to find it was reversed on the telephone company side of the service entry! I reversed the house wiring and was rewarded by higher speed connections. A polarity checker is a cheap (~$5) piece of test gear that is reasonably available (e.g. Lowes carries them here). Rob

3. RE: modem speed
wally2117 Jan-20-01 03:16 AM
In response to message 2
Thanks for the tip, I'll try that.
I found a schematic on the net and made me a home made tester.


4. RE: modem speed
wally2117 Jan-23-01 04:48 AM
In response to message 2

I've made some tests, even inverted my phone line and, nothing to do with it.

May be I'm too far from the civilisation!


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