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RE: Epson Stylus Photo 870 printer installation on USB port
kamal Jan-10-01 02:10 PM
I am having difficulties installing the Epson Stylus Photo 870 printer on my usb port.
I have a Gigabyte GA-6VXE+ motherboard running a Apollo VIA chipset.
I have emailed Epson and they said it works fine on USB port.
Here is what epson told me to do and Windows 98SEstarted to give me errors.

> Win 98 USB clean remove and install
> *Start with your printer turned off and disconnected from the computer*
> 1. Go to Start, Settings, and then Printers.
> 2. Right click once on any copy of the Epson printer. Select "Delete" from
> the menu that appears.
> 3. Confirm the deletion and deletion of all related files. Repeat for any
> other Epsons shown.
> 4. Close the printer window. If you see any downloaded Epson files on the
> desktop screen, click and drag them into the Recycling bin.
> 5. Go to Start, Find, and find Files or Folders.
> 6. Type epson*.* in the "Named" window. Be sure that your hard drive (C:/)
> is selected in the "Look In" window.
> 7. Hit "Find Now". Normally, between eight and sixteen files will appear.
> 8. Click on Edit and Select All, followed by File and Delete.
> 9. Confirm deletion of these files, then repeat steps 6 through 8 for the
> file named epusbun. Once this is deleted, Close the Find window.
> 10. On your desktop screen, look in the bottom corner on your toolbar. You
> should see a small, bright green printer icon. If this appears, right
> click
> once on it and then select "Stop Monitoring Now". (You have just
> turned off the Status Monitor function that reads your ink levels.)
> 11. Go to Start, Settings, and Control Panel. Open the "Add/Remove
> Programs" tool.
> 12. Normally, two or three Epson listings will appear here. You may see:
> Epson Printer Software
> Epson Guided Printing Exercise
> Epson Status Monitor
> Epson USB Printer Devices
> 13. Click on Epson Printer Software and hit Add/Remove. You may recieve an
> unusual message like "Windows cannot remove any printer or utility".
> This
> just indicates that the background files for the software have already
> been
> removed. Try the same procedure for the Guided Printing
> Exercise,
> if it appears.
> 14. Next, click on the Status Monitor and hit Add/Remove. You will recieve
> a message to close any background programs. (Already done in step
> #10). Proceed with the uninstall of the Status Monitor. Say no to
> rebooting
> right away.
> 15. Repeat the removal process for the Epson USB device, if it appears.
> After this, you will need to reboot your system. All Epson files have been
> deleted, so you are ready for a clean install.
> 1. Wait until the computer is rebooted before reconnecting your
> printer and turning it on. If a "New Hardware" indicator appears, just hit
> "Cancel". Then go to Start, Settings, and the Control Panel.
> 2. In Control Panel, open System; within System, you will need the
> "Device Manager" tab.
> 3. Device Manager will list all the hardware recognized by Windows as
> being part of your system. A USB printer will show up as
> "Other Devices", "Unknown USB Device", "Epson USB Devices", or even "Epson
> Stylus ----- ---".
> 4. If the port is not activated, you will likely see a "? Other
> Devices" linked to a "? USB printer". On the "USB Printer" line, double
> left click.
> 5. The Properties box for this device will open. Click on "Reinstall
> Driver" and the "Add New Printer Wizard" will appear.
> 6. Click "next" on the first and second screens of the Wizard. On the
> third screen, where you have four choices, make sure that only
> "Specify a Location" is activated. Next, click on "Browse".
> 7. In the "Browse for folder" window, navigate to the following
> location by clicking on the + symbols beside each entry:
> {CD-Rom drive letter}:/drivers/win98
> OR {CD drive}:/browser/drivers/win98
> OR {CD drive}:/titles/drivers/win98
> Once "win98"OR win9x is highlighted, click "ok" on the "Browse
> for folder" window. You are now ready to hit "Next" on the location
> screen.
> 8. Windows will report that it is ready to install the best driver
> for
> the device. Click "Next", and on the following screen click "Finish" to
> complete the installation.
> 9. "OK" or "Close" the EPUSB1 Properties window. Windows should
> suddenly sense the printer, now that the port is activated. Your system
> may suddenly jump into another Wizard screen. Follow it through step by
> step, as before. The most important thing to remember is that the
> only location you want to use is D:/Drivers/Win98, as this contains all
> the
> USB files. Some computers will lose this location and give you a
> "files not found" message; simply use the "Browse" button to re-establish
> this pathway. D:/Drivers/Common also contains the information you need, so
> it will work if Win98 does not find a required file at D:/Drivers/Win98.
> 10. After the driver files are installed, the Status Monitor installation
> will take place. You do not need to change any of the settings in the
> Status Monitor installer; simply hit "next" all the way to the end. The
> computer should offer to reboot when it is complete. After the reboot,
> close any windows still open, and try to print.

This is what happened.


Hey Kam:

I followed the directions carefully from the Epson folks about activating
the USB drive. Everything went well until I got to item #9, when Windows
was supposed to sense the printer. This is what happened: Windows told me
to reboot, and I did. Then began the onslaught of error messages, many of
which I recognized from the other times I installed the Epson printer
driver. First error message: ERROR STARTING PROGRAM, the SHLWAPI.DLL file
is linked to missing export KERNEL32.DLL: Search Path A.
Second error message: ERROR LOADING EXPLORER.EXE; You must reinstall
Windows (!!! Yipes !!!)
I rebooted, then closed these programs: Mmtask and Msgsrv32.
Upon third reboot, this familiar error message: NISSERV, this program has
performed an illegal....
Finally (and I'm probably forgetting all the details), I had to manually
restart (the power button to turn off wouldn't even work!!)
I jumped into safe mode, deleted the Epson software, then, lo and behold,
Windows works again. (WHEW!)

I appreciate your efforts in helping me solve this installation problem.

Kam Darbar

1. RE: Epson Stylus Photo 870 printer installation on USB port
Teebucket1313 Jul-23-01 03:41 PM
In response to message 0
I have a Epson 740 and ran into the same problem. I never did get the bugs out. I re-install using Parallel port. I don't if you have that option. I have been having a run bad luck with Epson products. I'm switching to Cannon and HP printers. They seem to install with out a hitch.

2. RE: Epson Stylus Photo 870 printer installation on USB port
lbyard Jul-23-01 04:22 PM
In response to message 1
If you really want installation problems, switch to HP. Overall, I have been installing Epsons and HPs (and Canons, you name it) for many years and Epsons, in general, do not have many problems. HPs (scanners in particular) have been the source of many many frustrating hours. I would guess that I have installed at least 5,000 printers in the last 15 years I have had my computer shop. Larry

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