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Requesting Assistance With Unique File Transfer Situation
patriciarose Jan-06-01 03:48 PM
I am attempting to remove files from the hard drive of a laptop that is partially functioning (it is only able to get to a DOS prompt), and to transfer those files to a fully functioning PC.

In attempting to use the Direct Cable Connection found in Windows 98 on the PC, I am able to set up the PC as the 'guest' computer, but do not know how to set up the laptop as the 'host' by only using DOS commands.

I have a cable that will support the direct cable connection and it is connected to the parallel ports on each machine.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


1. RE: Requesting Assistance With Unique File Transfer Situation
lbyard Jan-06-01 04:29 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Jan-06-01 AT 04:31 PM (GMT)

I donít think Windows Direct Cable Connection can be setup to run from DOS. Try PowerCopy at http://www.datapower.de/english/powercop.htm. They have a trial version. Or, try FastLynx or LapLink3 at http://www.geocities.com/prestonlewis/. I don't know if these programs preserve long file names. I doubt that they do. Larry

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