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adding soundcard to old 486
zuleika Jan-06-01 12:02 PM
as a beginner I have assembled a 486 from old parts, 66mhz processor , 12 megs ram, new 520 mb hard drive (old stock new)fdisked, formatted ,and loaded win 95 second version, all runs well, but am having a real hassle getting a sound-card to work!
I have several, but am unable to tell what make etc, and win 95 doesn't detect them, so manual configuration is a guessing game. Any practical way I can sort this ?
Dean , (New Zealand)

1. RE: adding soundcard to old 486
lbyard Jan-06-01 04:03 PM
In response to message 0
I don’t know if your 486 motherboard has PCI slots and if the soundboards are PCI or ISA boards. They may not be plug ‘n play boards. Many ISA sound cards are plug ‘n prey; a few others are not. Try detecting hardware with Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add New Hardware. You might be able to determine the make and manufacturer from the FCC ID number per http://duxcw.com/digest/Fromshop/mb/det.htm. In any event you will probably need to find the manufacture’s web site and download the drivers and software. ISA sound cards usually prefer using IRQs 5 and 10 (http://duxcw.com/faq/irq/irq.htm). Many are Creative Labs (http://www.creativelabs.com/) Soundblaster16 compatible. 12 Mbytes of RAM is not much. Low-end sound cards are cheap. ISA boards might be hard to find. I had a wonderful time in Auckland 31 years ago and wish I could make another visit. Steamed there from Japan. Good luck! Larry

2. RE: adding soundcard to old 486
zuleika Jan-06-01 09:18 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks for the reply,
I run a pretty up to date machine for normal use, but am interested in learning how these things work, and learn best by 'doing' and was given a load of computer parts, mother boards etc old stock unused It's quite satisfying putting a computer together from a heap of parts to a working machine. It seems to be the soundcards that give the most trouble when trying to configure them.

3. RE: adding soundcard to old 486
zuleika Jan-06-01 10:30 PM
In response to message 2
Checking the links you supplied,the FCC id proves one card to be an IPC Media Magic Rev D.929 , and
the only site that I could find for this warns there are 'currently' no Win 95 drivers available !! might be better to abandon this one

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