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How is your Acer HX08 case set up ?
Bebert Dec-29-00 11:00 PM
Hello !

I've been the proud owner of the HX08 case made by Acer for a few months now. I like it a lot, it's very easy to play with, nicely built and seems it's going to last forever.

Fellow owners, I have a question regarding the way you people placed your IDE devices in it. Right now I have 2 HDs, 1 CD-ROM reader, and 1 SCSI CD-ROM Writer.

Last week I sold my SCSI writer and I expect to purchase an IDE soon. Problem is, I think i'm going to have a hard time setting those 4 IDE devices in the case ! Cables seems too short ! Since the Acer HX08 full-tower seems to be a relatively popular case, I am asking for your help here.

Until now I had three IDE devices :

HD #1, Seagate 7200RPM
HD #2, WD 5400RPM
CD-Rom reader #1

The way things are set up right now, HD #1 is plugged at the end of the cable (master) on the IDE1 channel, which is the UDMA-66 channel requiring the special, blue/gray cable. Physically in the HX08 case, this drive sits in the 3.5" cage above the power supply.

HD #2 sits in the lower 3.5" cage, under the 5.25" drive bays. It is master IDE2.

My CD-ROM drive is slave, placed in the lowest 5.25" drive bay, and it goes without saying that the IDE2 cable is "twisted" in the case to allow proper connection.

Thanks a lot if you've made it down here ! I have no idea how I am going to install my CD-writer since the UDMA-66 plug that's left is unusable because the power supply is there !

Oh well... I feel so unclear ! *sigh* I hope you HX08 owners know what i'm talking about, I really need your help !

Thanks a WHOLE lot, happy new year !


1. 'Stretching' a Hard Disk IDE Cable
lbyard Dec-30-00 04:31 PM
In response to message 0
I donít have an HX08 to look at right now, but here is a tip, which may not be immediately obvious. It makes no difference which plug is plugged into what for a regular IDE cable (it does make difference with an ATA/66/100 cable). You can plug the very end of the cable with the two connectors into the motherboard, the other connector at that end into the nearest drive, and the single connector at the other end into the furthest drive. Did that solve your problem? Larry

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