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Computer got a hair ball.
teebucket Dec-22-00 04:42 PM
I ran into a problem with a computer that would not boot. Check all connections, still no luck. Took the cover off and found the CPU fan wasn't working. It was pluged up with Cat hair. These people have a cat that would sleep next to the computer. What happen the system over heated and burned up the CPU. They started closing the door when they leave for the day.

1. RE: Computer got a hair ball.
lbyard Dec-22-00 06:37 PM
In response to message 0
I also like to keep computers off the floor for similar reasons. I once spent the best part of day troubleshooting a computer built for a police station that sat on the floor. A very small piece of foil, like that from a gum wrapper, had been sucked into the case and was lodged at the very bottom of an ISA expansion board slot. A few years later, that same computer was damaged by minor flood/water leak. Screws, staples, paperclips, hair of all kinds, metal filings, cloth, just plain dirt--you name it--have found their way into the computers I have worked-on over the years. Some of them have been so dirty that we had to take them out into the parking lot for an initial cleaning. Larry

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