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Transferring Files over Internet
pikachu Dec-17-00 09:56 AM
LAST EDITED ON Dec-17-00 AT 09:57 AM (GMT)


Im having problems transferring files. I have a file which is 300MB in length and need to send it to my friend. Problem is the time it will take. He`s and my connection is 56K. And when we send files to each other it normally goes at about 2K a second. This is okay for small files, but its the big files that suffer. Any ideas? Also, He cant spend a long time on the internet so i also need resume support.



1. RE: Transferring Files over Internet
lbyard Dec-17-00 03:18 PM
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One cannot change the laws of physics... It would be a very large transfer even with cable MODEM or DSL connections at both. Mail the file to him on a zip or back-it-up to floppies with Microsoft Backup. If it is a database, there may be a way of sending only changed records. Larry

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