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Computer Suddenly Restarts Itself
Pat Dec-16-00 04:35 AM

I recently set up a computer at my work to run tape backups of our server every night. It was working fine until some time last night. What it has been doing is restarting itself. Sometimes it will reboot in Windows and other times before Windows starts.

Here's what I have:

PII 200 Mhz
2.5 GB HD
Win 98

This computer is about 2 years old and up until now has worked fine as a CAD workstation. Could this have something to do with the tape drive being added or might it just be that this computer has started to show its age?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



1. RE: Computer Suddenly Restarts Itself
lbyard Dec-16-00 04:52 PM
In response to message 0
I don’t think it is “showing its age.” Two years isn’t old. It was working fine before… When a computer starts rebooting itself it is almost always caused by a hardware problem. Turn it off now! Inspect for cables that have fallen in the CPU fan, loose cables, and screws, etc. under the motherboard. Reseat the memory and expansion boards if the problem persists. Pull all expansion boards except video. Uninstall the tape drive. See our motherboard FAQ at http://duxcw.com/faq/mb/mb.htms for more info. Larry

2. RE: Computer Suddenly Restarts Itself
naveen chauhan Dec-23-00 08:42 AM
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Dear please check your CPU Fan. See CPU fan is working or not.


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