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sound card doesn't work when modem is connected
len Mar-23-00 09:42 AM
Something in the modem uses my soundcard, I keep getting messages like "...another device/program is using the sound device..." even when I disable the modem in the control panel, but when i take it out, it works just fine. I have a K6-3 450 processor, 64 MB SDRAM, 16-bit Creative Sound Card, 16 MB Vanta Video Card, Epox MVP3C mainboard and a 56K v.90 Diamond Supra Int. PCI modem... help!

1. RE: sound card doesn't work when modem is connected
lbyard Mar-23-00 02:24 PM
In response to message 0
You probably have an old ISA bus SoundBlaster and the MODEM is probably grabbing IRQ 5 or 10. Try going into your CMOS Setup (press the Delete key when the system first boots up to get into the Setup for most recent BIOS's). See your computer or motherboard book if Delete doesn't work. Select PNP/PCI CONFIGURATION (Award BIOS), or something like that, in the Setup. Select IRQs 5 and 10 and change them to LEGACY/ISA, or something like that, and ESC, EXIT and SAVE. You may want to disable COM 2: in the INTEGRATED PERIPHERALS setup to free-up an IRQ if you have a lot of boards in your computer. This will free-up IRQ 3 and hopefully the MODEM will grab that. If you are not using USB, you could disable that as well. Finally, if you enable PNP OS INSTALLED (or something like that) in the PNP/PCI CONIFIGURATION, Windows should (not always; may reguire some changes in
Windows) do IRQ sharing where one IRQ can be shared by up to four well-behaved, PCI boards. There are other tricks, so come back if this doen't fix the problem (let us know if it does, OK?). Larry

2. RE: sound card doesn't work when modem is connected
len Mar-27-00 02:13 AM
In response to message 1
its working fine now... i just transferred the modem to another PCI slot and disabled the PNP OS installed in the CMOS...
Thank you for your help...

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