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Fitting wall plates
Flight5497 Jun-22-01 03:05 PM
Hi I am d of new to the whole building your own network from scratch and I was wondering if there was anyone who could tell me or point me to some literature that could tell me how to not only wire wall plates but also to fit them.

Another thing could someone explain to me what a punchdown tool is used for and whether I would need a krone or 110 punch down to do a CAT 5 wall plate.

The network I am wiring up will be using 568B Standard not 568A.

Many thanks in advance


1. RE: Fitting wall plates
lbyard Jun-22-01 03:32 PM
In response to message 0
I am planning to publish an article on this subject in a week or two. In the mean time see the bottom of http://duxcw.com/about/count.htm, http://duxcw.com/faq/network/diff568ab.htm, and http://www.milestek.com/MTI-002.htm. It can be done with some RJ-45 jacks without a 110 punch-down tool. Larry

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