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Network Printer Problem-Any thoughts???
Crysta95 Jun-19-01 04:29 AM
My office has 4 computers networked together via a hub. One of these being an older
one that only acts as a residence for our database that we all access.
Problem is that desktop 1 had to have windows 98 re-installed. This was done
and immediately upgraded to Win98se. The Epson printer that is directly
attached to dektop 1 works fine from any computer on the network. But...the
HP LaserJet that is attached to desktop 2, is only accessible from desktop 2
and laptop1 and the database server. It finally installed on desktop 1, but
is "permanently offline". Whenever I try to put the printer 'online' on
desktop 1, I get the message that the shared network resource might not
exist and to check the network. Yet it shows up perfectly fine when I browse
the network! Well, everything is set fine. All other aspects of the network
are up and running perfectly. Just that darn printer won't come online. I
have checked for viruses, done a clean boot, uninstalled and re-installed
the network card, the adapters, everything that I can think of. Ran system
file checker and Dr. Watson. Workgroup name is fine. Computer name is good. Ran Win98se setup again, from a win98 boot disk. No passwords have been used for printer sharing.
I'm running out of ideas here!!! Any new ones that you can think of for me
to try??? Th only programs other than the OS that have been re-installed are View Now and MS Office 2000. P.S. Microsoft support hasn't come up with anything yet either! Their latest solution is a clean install...what fun to think of! Thanks!

1. RE: Network Printer Problem-Any thoughts???
lbyard Jun-19-01 02:39 PM
In response to message 0
It might help to know what the make and model of the printer is and how it is connected to the computer. Larry

2. RE: Network Printer Problem-Any thoughts???
Crysta95 Jun-19-01 03:45 PM
In response to message 1
Desktop 1 is a HP Pavilion 4455, with an Espon DFX5000 hooked to parallel port, desktop 2 is a Dell Dimension XPS D333 with HP Laserjet 3200 All-In-One on Parallel port. All drives and printers are shared. All computers on hub are running Win98se. Anything else that would help? Please let me know.

3. RE: Network Printer Problem-Any thoughts???
lbyard Jun-19-01 04:51 PM
In response to message 2
Let’s focus on the problem and get rid of irrelevant factors, OK? The problem is that PC1 cannot print to the LJ 3200 on PC2. Everything else is working fine, right? Other PCs have Windows 98 SE installed and can print to the LJ 3200 through the network, correct? PC1 does other networking functions (shares files, etc.) without a problem, right? If these are the case than the problem is most likely in the printer setup on PC1. What is different between the printer setup for the LJ 3200 on PC1 when compared to the printer setup on the other networked computers? Is the same driver (HP or Windows) installed? Start, Settings, Printers, right-click the printer, Properties on PC1 and another computer networked to PC2 and compare… Larry

4. RE: Network Printer Problem-Any thoughts???
Crysta95 Jun-20-01 03:13 AM
In response to message 3
Did this already. Compared to the laptop that is able to print to LJ3200. All setup is identical. And, yes, everything else is working perfectly. Everything is running 98se. All NIC are LinkSys. All shared, no passwords anywhere. Tried dl the latest driver from hp. Printer still offline. Microsoft has now come up with the suggestion of a clean install of Windows, which I am really trying to avoid.

5. RE: Network Printer Problem-Any thoughts???
lbyard Jun-20-01 05:40 AM
In response to message 4
Try removing and reinstalling everything network on PC1. Larry

6. RE: Network Printer Problem-Any thoughts???
Crysta95 Jun-21-01 04:51 AM
In response to message 5
Sorry! I've tried that several times. MS had me try the following...Clean boot..same problem, SFC which found one file corrupt, setupx.dll, replaced it, same problem, ran win98se setup again, removed all network components and re-installed, removed all network sub nodes from the registry and started over there. And now the latest suggestion from them is to do a clean install. Have even tried installing as a local printer, and then changing the port and it goes back offline.

7. RE: Network Printer Problem-Any thoughts???
nbc Jun-21-01 10:16 AM
In response to message 6
Are you sure that all computers are running win98se?

When win98 cam out, a few of us got it. We used to play games over a LAN, but when one of us upgraded to win98se he could see us on the network, but not connect to us in a game. We all had to upgrade to se.

Your problem could be related to this, so I would check the other machines to see what version they are running.

Just a thought!


8. RE: Network Printer Problem-Any thoughts???
lbyard Jun-21-01 01:17 PM
In response to message 6
Try capturing the LJ to LPT2: (the Epson monster is on LPT1:) Start, Settings, Printers, right-click the printer, Properties, Details, Capture printer port… Then try printing a test page. Larry

9. RE: Network Printer Problem-Any thoughts???
Crysta95 Jun-22-01 03:24 AM
In response to message 8
Tried this this afternoon while at the office. I think my computer may have laughed it me. It's still offline. Here is the EXACT message that I get when I try to uncheck 'Use Printer Offline"

Cannot connect to network printer. Make sure your network is working properly and the network share you are connecting to exists.

Have searched MS. There is an article there,(#Q142297) but it is for networks using Netware. And we are using MS Client. Thanks!

10. RE: Network Printer Problem-Any thoughts???
lbyard Jun-22-01 03:24 PM
In response to message 9
Fishing… I would try the following:
Physically remove the Epson and uninstall the driver.
A real long shot… swap a network cable with another computer.
Swap hub ports.

11. RE: Network Printer Problem-Any thoughts???
moesdeal Jun-27-01 12:29 PM
In response to message 10
2 questions. What protocols are you runing on the network? What network card is in the Dell?

12. RE: Network Printer Problem-Any thoughts???
Crysta95 Jun-28-01 03:56 AM
In response to message 11
Well, to upadate everyone who has given me all kinds of ideas here! After checking all cables, installed new cat5 and all, re-verified the protocols with the info from Microsoft, even went so far as to completely go over everything from MS again!!!, I finally gave up on the thing and popped in the recovery cd from HP. Went off without a hitch, re-installed the network components, and voila!!! EVERYTHING is up and running perfectly. All printers work wonderfully. Thanks so much for your thoughts. Think I'll hang around here. I can learn a lot from you all!!! Thanks again!

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