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cant connect second pc
sirhc76 Jun-12-01 09:28 PM
i just set up my second machine and networked the two together. the new machine has two nics in it with a crossover cable going to the old machines nic. im running win 98 and only one machine, the new one that is plugged into the cable modem will connect to the net. how can i get both on the net at the same time? any help would be appreciated.

1. RE: cant connect second pc
lbyard Jun-12-01 09:48 PM
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You will find some answers sarting here http://duxcw.com/faq/ics/waysshare.htm. Larry

2. RE: cant connect second pc
sirhc76 Jun-13-01 00:19 AM
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LAST EDITED ON Jun-13-01 AT 00:21 AM (GMT)

LAST EDITED ON Jun-13-01 AT 00:20 AM (GMT)

i downloaded sygate and set up the machine with two nics as the server then set up second machine as client. i can see both comps on network and look through folders but i still can get second machine on the net. talk about hair pulling. would a router be any easier if so i will just go buy one?

3. RE: cant connect second pc
lbyard Jun-13-01 05:03 AM
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A router is the best way to share a cable MODEM. Larry

5. RE: cant connect second pc
sirhc76 Jun-13-01 02:43 PM
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thanks, i called the cable company and got a second ip address for 5 bucks more a month. will i still need a router if i have this? my main reason for doing all this is gaming, trying to get my better half to play was well so i can get her hooked im trying to learn this as i go, putting the machine together was the easy part i guess. this is harder than shelling out the 1400 dollars for all the parts though. thanks again

6. RE: cant connect second pc
lbyard Jun-13-01 04:42 PM
In response to message 5
You shouldn't need a router with a second IP. You don't need the second IP with a router. My choice would be the later. I have a router and it works well. I have five PC's in my house and office/shop (I also have a Ethernet switch connected to the router) and they can share the cable MODEM without any noticeable reduction in performance. Larry

7. RE: cant connect second pc
sirhc76 Jun-13-01 10:04 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Jun-13-01 AT 10:05 PM (GMT)

its all fixed as far as im going. i worked out all my problems. i now have 2 ip addresses and a hud with 4 nic cards i guess i have 2 spares for both machines and i learned a little in the process. thank you very much for the help

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