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logging on to internet from client comp. via dial-up modem
gb_fraser Jun-05-01 04:01 PM
Brilliant site !!
My problem is I have set up a two computer network via crossover cable and have configured everything correctly (or so I think) and can access the internet (and the primary comp. naturally) from the client but I can't find a way of logging on to the internet from the client without already being connected.
Meaning I have to get up from what I'm doing and log on from the primary computer first.
Is there a way of sharing the dial-up feature and connecting from the 2nd computer ?
Thanks for any help in advance.

1. RE: logging on to internet from client comp. via dial-up modem
lbyard Jun-05-01 04:46 PM
In response to message 0
Right click the dial-up connection on the host computer, Properties, Security, fill in the account and password, and check connect automatically. Larry

2. Thanks Larry !
gb_fraser Jun-07-01 09:44 AM
In response to message 0
All is working fine now thanks.
But I will just ask one thing : When defragging the computer I've found (since setting up the network) that a persistent program refuses to be stopped and it's called 'Rnaapp'. I'm assuming it has something to do with dial up networking but can't find a way of switching it off.
The exact message I get is "This program has performed an illegal operation and...etc"

3. RE: Thanks Larry !
lbyard Jun-07-01 04:25 PM
In response to message 2
Rnaapp.exe (Remote Network Access Application) is the core executable in dial-up networking. Give it a three-finger salute (Ctrl-Alt-Delete) and kill the task. Larry

4. RE: Thanks Larry !
gb_fraser Jun-09-01 08:42 AM
In response to message 3
Yeah, I do but the bugger keeps coming back like the proverbial bad smell. Making it hard to defrag, without someone of my somewhat limited ability to stuff up the network protocols etc searching for and preventing where it's been called from (like last time I defragged I had to start from scratch after I completely lost what I'd set up )
Is there an obvious app. that needs to be closed or disabled before defragging with networks ?

5. RE: Thanks Larry !
lbyard Jun-09-01 09:57 PM
In response to message 4
You can look for a startup program with Start, Run, and enter msconfig. There may also be a LOAD or RUN in the win.ini file. Some MODEM software will stick a TSR (memory resident) FAX answering or other program there. Believe 3COM (U.S. Robotics) does that with some models. Do not kill the following startup programs: ScanRegistry, TaskMonitor, SystemTrey, and LoadPowerProfile. An active desktop or screensaver could be causing the problem. Your E-Mail program may be automatically checking for new messages… If all else fails push F8 or hold Ctrl as Windows is about to boot to produce the boot menu, boot Windows to the Safe Mode, run defrag in that mode, and restart Windows to get back in the Normal Mode when completed. Larry

6. RE: Thanks Larry !
billybish Jun-15-01 09:31 PM
In response to message 5
Carefull with that short list Larry...if they are running Win Me they might want to leave PCHealth and*Stmngr for the System Restore feature - disbling will erase their restore points. Also, why doesn't he just defrag in safe mode?

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