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Network problem
rdog May-30-01 03:20 PM
I currently have two computers networked together using a switch. The one computer is a windows ME and the other is Windows 95. I have no problem sharing files and printers until I restart the ME. When I go Network Neighborhood I get an error saying that windows can not find the network. If I restart the window 95 computer then, ME will then find the network. Is this suppose to work like this? Also, eventually I want to put a Mac into the network. Any suggestions on how to get that working. Thanks

1. RE: Network problem
lbyard May-30-01 05:24 PM
In response to message 0
According to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q284084, this sort of problem can also occur when more than one protocol is installed on a Windows Me computer (not with older versions of Windows). Me tries to find the master browser over one protocol, instead of all of the protocols. The fix is to update Vredir.vxd in the C:\windows\system directory. However, the article states that the updated Vredir.vxd is only available by contacting Microsoft support. I cannot find a copy of it anywhere on the Internet (believe me, I searched). You might try uninstalling all but one protocol. Or, try installing NetBEUI, mapping the drives (http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/net2pc/map.htm), and playing with the Browse Master settings on both computers in Start, Settings, Control Panel, file and printer sharing, Properties. Perhaps making the Me computer the only Browse Master would work around the problem. You may have to turn the Me machine on first if you do that. Let us know how you fixed it, OK? Larry

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