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thank you Larry! your Cat 5 how-to
the-edmeister May-20-01 06:58 AM
Yesterday I clicked a link at another website and found myself at your 'How to make your own Cat5 twisted-pair network cables'; a very complete and very understandable article with excellent pictures/diagrams. I have read (and printed) 7 other articles (or 'how-to's ) from other websites about network cables, and also have read manuals from 3 different manufacturers: not one helped me understand the physical relationships as much as yours!
I have done a few Cat 5 cables (both cross-over & straight-thru) over the last 6 months and had a few handfulls of 568A/B jacks pass over my workbench. There has been something 'fuzzy' in my mind during that time and your 'how-to' has brought it into 'focus'; a cross-over cable has a 568A at one end and a 568B at the other end! Your 'how-to' doesn't say so directly, but I read between the lines. ;>)
Once again, Thanks!

1. RE: thank you Larry! your Cat 5 how-to
lbyard May-20-01 01:49 PM
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You are welcome. I'm glad it helped. Larry

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