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CAT 5 Cable, Conectors and jacks
Plosee May-14-01 08:19 PM
I recently installed a wired network behind my RT 314 router in order to share my cable access.

The network only works if male connectors are on both ends of the cable between router and computer!

Once I convert/add a female wall jack the connection does not work

I use 568B standard, 8 wire 24 guage CAT 5 cable and IDEAL connectors.

Any suggestions?

1. RE: CAT 5 Cable, Conectors and jacks
lbyard May-14-01 09:02 PM
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There isnít much I can suggest except that the jacks are not wired correctly. A helpful way to visualize the wiring is to take one long cable with plugs at both ends and cut it into two pieces. The jack and additional plug merely splice the cable back together again. So, using the first wire in the 568B standard, which is white-orange (one always specifies the background color first), an orange stripe on a white background (others might call that the 568A standard, but they are wrong), it must extend from the first chunk of cable across the jack and to the same wire in plug on the second chunk of wire. I use ICC jacks and some of notes on them with pictures can be found in very rough and lengthy form at http://duxcw.com/about/count.htm. The order of the wires entering an ICC jack is not the same order as those leaving the jack (the wires in the jack changes the order from one end of the jack to the other where the plug plugs in, so they match the plug), but the jacks are color coded to simplify assembly. BTW the patch cable from the jack to the router can be wired to the 568A standard and it will still work (contrary to what is written elsewhere). I hope this didnít confuse things more. Larry

2. RE: CAT 5 Cable, Conectors and jacks
Moesdeal May-15-01 12:35 PM
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Are you following the wiring Diagram that is on the wall jack? Some of them have an A and a B connection Diagram. If you are using the A that may be the problem.

3. RE: CAT 5 Cable, Conectors and jacks
shoagie May-15-01 10:19 PM
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Now I am a little unclear on the wiring standard when using the wall jacks such as those seen at http://duxcw.com/about/rj45jack.htm
I always use the 568B standard. When using a RJ45 tip I wire WH/Or, Or, Wh/Green Blue, Wh/blue, Gr, Wh/Br, Br (left to right with the clip facing down)
Is it correct on the link listed above that I switch Pins 1&2, 7&8, 5&4 yet pins 3 & 6 maintain their position?

4. RE: CAT 5 Cable, Conectors and jacks
lbyard May-16-01 03:10 PM
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That is the way ICC jacks are wired. The configurations and wiring of RJ-45 jacks can vary by manufacturer. Don't you have a diagram for the jacks you are using? Larry

5. RE: CAT 5 Cable, Conectors and jacks
shoagie May-25-01 01:09 AM
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Thank you Larry.
I do have a diagram, but for some reason, it seemed to defy logic. Just wanted to make sure.

6. RE: CAT 5 Cable, Conectors and jacks
lbyard May-25-01 01:46 PM
In response to message 5
Yes, things designed by committees often defy logic. Larry

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