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Win98SE(Host) Win2KPro(Client) set-up problems
MINIMOKE May-14-01 00:26 AM
I think I have succesfully set up my Win98SE PC as a host (for internet connection).

The instructions I have to complete the host/client set-up refer to a second Win98SE PC, but I need to set up a Win2KPro PC as the client.

My TCP/IP network between the two PCs seems to be working OK....I can browse the drives and use printers.

Any help would be appreciated.


1. RE: Win98SE(Host) Win2KPro(Client) set-up problems
Homegurm May-20-01 07:26 PM
In response to message 0
I have a similar home network setup... A win98se host connection and a win2k client. I was successful at sharing the internet connection when I used the generic setup procedure for setting up a win98 client... although getting to the win2k network adapter's tcp/ip configuration is a bit different, the principle is still the same.

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