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Networking Win2k and 98
rogerlee May-06-01 04:27 PM
Ive got 2 pc's, 1 with win2k the other with 98. Got the smc barricade, configured everything by the numbers. Both pc's can get to the internet through my dsl, both pc's can see each other in network neighborhood. The win98 pc can acsess all drives and files of the win2k pc. Both pc's are setup to share drives.....Now the problems.
Though the win2k pc can see the win98 pc in network places, it cannot acsess it, I get an error message of "network path not found". The other problem is depending on what sequence I shut things down and boot back up (i think) niether pc can get on the internet. Yesterday I tried for several hours to get either pc on the internet and couldnt, I gave up and went to bed (powerd down everything). This morning I boot up and both can get on (I did nothing but boot). Anything you can suggest would help.Thanks

1. RE: Networking Win2k and 98
lbyard May-06-01 04:36 PM
In response to message 0
Yesterday you probably needed to Start, Run, winipcfg and release and renew the IP addresses from the Barricade. Shutting-down and powering-up accomplished the same thing. Turn the Barricade on first. If you turn the cable MODEM off, turn it on first, followed by the Barricade. I leave both on. Do you still have a problem? Larry

2. RE: Networking Win2k and 98
rogerlee May-06-01 11:13 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks, everything works now......almost..I tried to get online and play counter strike, I can get a list of 12000 servers but only a small amount respond (less than 100) Im sure it has something to do with the barricades firewall, is this where I have to use the DMZ? How do I configure it and can I configure it to only be used when I play counter strike? (so Im not wide open when connected to the internet) I still have the software firewall installed which I had before the barricade, would that help if I used DMZ? thanks

3. RE: Networking Win2k and 98
lbyard May-07-01 01:23 PM
In response to message 2
You donít need a firewall with the Barricade and the Barricade can be setup for games, etc. like most firewalls. You must have configured the firewall for counterstrike, right? Just setup a Special App on the Barricade with the same ports. If there is trigger port (outgoing), it should allow more than one PC to play. What are the most common ports, anyway? I searched for that info this weekend to answer another post, but came-up empty handed. Larry

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