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networking 15 computers for shared internet use
sjst May-06-01 05:20 AM
I need to network 15 computers in a youth center that will be used mostly for shared internet access. Would a DSH-16 (dual speed 16-port 10/100) hub and Microsoft ICS work or should I get a 1-port 10/100MB Internet Home Gateway or should I do something else entirely? Is a regular 56K modem good enough or should I connect with another method?

1. RE: networking 15 computers for shared internet use
lbyard May-06-01 04:15 PM
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ICS is not going to handle that many connections and a ICS host computer/56K MODEM would probably be choked by more than 4 or 5 simultaneous, active Internet connections. You most likely need an Ethernet switch/hub (http://duxcw.com/faq/network/hubsw.htm) for the network and a broadband router with cable or DSL access or a T1/sub T1 line with frame relay. Many routers also have a built-in Ethernet switch to network 4, 5, 8 or more PCs. You may need another switch to expand the network for the number of PCs you have. Depending on your organization, there may be a government program that will fund the connection or provide the equipment and the connection. I am paying a tax on my business phone lines to help pay for it. Suggest calling your Telephone Company or local school/library for particulars/contacts. Larry

2. RE: networking 15 computers for shared internet use
sjst May-07-01 03:53 AM
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I can't get cable or DSL access where I am (rural, remote), and the t1 frame relay option is almost $1,000/mo- WAY too much for us. Will it work with any level of decency with a DSH-16 switch for the network uplinked to one of the ports of the SMC Barricade Broadband Router if I use a 56K modem (this router apparently has a port for the modem for back up)? or is this absurd and cable/dsl/t1 are really my only networking options? Would I just be better off (cost wise) to give each computer its own Internet connection? Are there any other options I'm overlooking?

3. RE: networking 15 computers for shared internet use
lbyard May-07-01 01:36 PM
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Yes, the barricade can share an external MODEM. I would try that and see what kind of performance you get. Larry

4. RE: networking 15 computers for shared internet use
Moesdeal May-09-01 03:51 AM
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Although a bit expensive, you can now get DSL any
where. Earthlik just added Satellite based DSL.


5. RE: networking 15 computers for shared internet use
BBATES May-10-01 03:23 PM
In response to message 4
DSL and cable is not availble in my area either. I use a Barricade router and a ISDN connection to share my internet connnection. ISDN is available in most markets now, and is over twice the bandwith of 56k modems.

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