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Is there a way to disable the firewall in the Barricade?
gerryf May-05-01 02:16 PM
I have the Barricade 4-port with an @Home cable service and have been unable to play Counterstrike or Links 2001 over the internet since hooking it up. I know that this router can be set up to enable internet gaming, BUT, I am totally lost when they start talking about Virtual Servers, ports, etc. Therefore, my two questions are:

Question 1: Is there a way to disable to firewall completely in the Barricade and use a software solution like Zonealarm ...

If not, Question 2: Is there an Idiot's guide to gaming issues with the Barricade someplace on the net that I could go and do my research. I am new to this forum. Thanks in advance.

1. RE: Is there a way to disable the firewall in the Barricade?
copperpipe May-05-01 11:41 PM
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Question 1: yes. Enable DMZ but don't forget to disable it after you are done (otherwise you are kinda defeating the purpose of having firewall protection). There is another way to do that for Counterstrike by port mapping, but we were unable to free up all the required ports (and response ended up being too slow - causing my son to be very unhappy at always being killed first).

Question 2: I think your question may not be applicable specifically to the SMC routers as it is to gaming and routers in general. Perhaps you should reading your SMC manual and the FAQ's at the gaming websites. Usually they have information as to what ports are needed to be freed for their games.

2. RE: Is there a way to disable the firewall in the Barricade?
gerryf May-12-01 02:12 AM
In response to message 1

3. port mapping
copperpipe May-12-01 08:48 AM
In response to message 0
There is more info on this at:


& a port listing for some internet applications are here:


(forgive me, Larry)

4. RE: port mapping
gerryf May-12-01 06:19 PM
In response to message 3
Thanks Larry!.

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