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network monitor trouble
jonvan May-04-01 10:14 PM
I am creating a network with two computers with windows 98 installed, the nic cards I am using are smc ethercard elite 16 ultra (8216c)with rj45 crossover cable.
I followed the instructions to the mark on how to network "two windows 95/98 computers" everything was going well up to the point,when I have to connect the two computers together,the one computer goes blank and I have to disconnect reboot to recover, I have to shut down manually or it will not restart if I use alt-ctrl-delete.
I have my client for microsoft networks,dial-up adapter,smc ethercard adapter,netbeui smc ethercard adapter,tcp/ip dial-up adapter, and my file and printer sharing for microsoft networks installed.
I have all protocalls set as to the instructions and having no luck at all, I have installed and uninstalled 20-30 times threw the week and I am getting very frustrated with trying to figure out what is wrong. PLEASE HELP ME
Thank You jonvan

1. RE: network monitor trouble
lbyard May-05-01 01:18 PM
In response to message 0
By connect, do you mean plug in the cable. If so, the cable may not be wired correctly. If itís not the cable, try moving the network adapter to another PCI slot. Do not plug a network adapter into the PCI slot next to the AGP video slot. Those two slots on most motherboards use the same interrupt and that interrupt does not share well with many network adapters. If your motherboard has a VIA chipset, download and install the VIA 4-in-1 drivers (http://www.viatech.com/drivers/index_new2.htm ), in particular, the IRQ Routing INF. Windows 98 has a problem sorting out interrupts for network adapters plugged into MVP3 motherboards without VIA IRQ routing. Some motherboards have a CMOS Setup setting that should also be changed to VIA routing after the inf is installed. Larry

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