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Linksys Router setup help
bigyankfan May-01-01 09:32 PM
I have a Linksys 4 port router, trying to connect 2 computers and a Toshiba cable modem to @Home. I connected everything was able to see the router with comp. 2 but cannot see the internet. Can see the internet with computer 1. Any help would be greatly appriciated. Tried alot of sites. No help. Thanks.

1. RE: Linksys Router setup help
lbyard May-02-01 01:38 PM
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That is probably the same question as what is different regarding the network configurations between computers one and two? Larry

2. Router Problems
PsionMan32 May-03-01 00:15 AM
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Hi. I had the EXACT same problem. OK, go to in your internet browser. Then, type 'admin' for the password. Then click the 'Advanced' tab then 'Mac Addr. Clone'. Now, run WINIPCFG then scroll down the list of adapters until you find your card name. Then write down the 'Adapter Address'. Now, type in that address for the 'Mac Addr. Clone' section. Make sure everything else is set to what it was when you first bought it. Restart both computers, and hopefully this works. Also-make sure your cable modem is plugged in the WAN port, not uplink, or it will mess up the DHCP and IP addresses.

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