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Home Network Application Server.....
jkennedy55 Apr-28-01 11:53 PM
I have a old pentium 200mhz with only 24mb ram that I have networked to a few of my other pc's. This pc is for my wife and she will need some applications to use such as MS Office ect. I dont want to install any apps on that pc as it will drag it's performance down, so I was wondering how to go about her accessing the apps that are alreay on my Win2k Server or any of my other 98 and 2k pro machines? Thanks for any help

1. RE: Home Network Application Server.....
lbyard Apr-29-01 02:03 PM
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Running those apps through a network will be noticeably slower than installing them on her computer. Larry

2. RE: Home Network Application Server.....
JKennedy55 Apr-29-01 03:45 PM
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Is it possible to do? How would I go about making the apps available for her to use across the network? Thanks

3. RE: Home Network Application Server.....
lbyard Apr-29-01 05:50 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Apr-29-01 AT 05:51 PM (GMT)

Yes. If you want to find out the hard way (or your wife is a heck of lot more patient than mine) Some applications (e.g., Works) merely require setting-up a shortcut on the client to the executable on the server. Many Microsoft applications can be setup for client use with an admin setup, setup /a. I would appreciate it if you would let us know whether or not I told you so. Larry

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