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One Way Cable Modem Sharing
Timothy Apr-17-01 03:48 PM
Well, one of my two phone lines die two days ago, and I'm looking into just purchasing a router and sharing my one way cable modem connection between my two computers. The thing is I have no clue how I would be able to do that. I read the tutorials on how to network two computers running Win98se together, but from what I gathered, a router seems to be the better way to network and share an internet connection at the same time. The problem is, with a one way cable modem, I have to dial up to upload. Would that be possible with a router?? If not what would you suggest I do?

2. RE: One Way Cable Modem Sharing
Timothy Apr-17-01 09:20 PM
In response to message
Hi Larry, and everyone else,
thanks for replying. I read your SMC Barricade router review and the set up you have there with the 4 pc's to the one-way cable modems sounds exactly like the set up I want to go through.
Basically, I have two pc's right now, not networked together or anything, I want to network them together, have file sharing, printer sharing, and internet connection sharing. I am quite new to the whole concept of networking, and I don't quite understand how you're able to have the pc's share an one-way cable connection with the cable modem going through the router. I guess what I'm trying to ask is, how do you dial in for upstream through the router? Wouldn't one computer have to be on at all times to be dialed in to upstream?
I read your guides on networking two computers together, and the how to share a cable modem with win98. Is there a guide on how to connect the two networked computers to the router, and share the internet connection through the router, with the one-way cable modem set up?
Thanks so much.

3. RE: One Way Cable Modem Sharing
lbyard Apr-17-01 09:59 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Apr-17-01 AT 10:03 PM (GMT)

Tim, Think of the router as a little PC connected to the cable MODEM, which, in fact, it is--a miniature server. My dial-up will drop overnight and drops a 2-3 times each day, but I think that is the phone line/provider. It also happens when the cable MODEM is connected directly to my PC; so it isnít the router. I still think it is rather close to a miracle that the darn thing works at all, considering all of the players, communications, and equipment involved in a one-way system. They are presently installing fiber optics for two-way service in my little town in Maine, which I can hardly wait for. Larry

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