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TCP/IP Networking
bradleg May-25-00 03:01 PM
I have three computers that I would like to be able to communicate between using TCP/IP. I have set the IP address for each using to

Two computers run Windows 98 (2nd Ed) and the other is running Windows 95.

If I remove NetBeiu from the protocol list, and insure the settings are set correctly (I hope), I can ping each machine to itself, BUT can not ping any other computer else.

First: The IP addressing should work if I can ping myself on each computer, right?

Second: Shouldn't the hardware (NIC cards and Hub) be fine if NetBeiu works fine?
I have a LinkSys hub that I suspect is fine for FileSharing and Printing, but not for TCP/IP. Should FileSharing and Printing be disabled if NetBeiu is Not installed?

Help please, I don't have a clue what to try next.
Can you make anyy recommendations for tests, hardware equipment or configurations, or web sites to visit?

Thanks in advance.

1. RE: TCP/IP Networking
lbyard May-25-00 05:00 PM
In response to message 0
First, you do not have to remove NetBEUI. TCP/IP and NetBEUI can coexist and be bound to the same adapter. However, if you have TCP/IP working, removing NetBEUI will reduce overhead. I run my network with both protocols because I often want to temporarily connect a customer machine on my bench to my network to backup it up or snatch a driver, etc., and do not want to go through the trouble of configuring TCP/IP for that computer. But when you are running both, you donít know which protocol is being used by the network for whatÖ Are you pinging with the IPís or the PCís name? You will need a host table on each computer to use the names. See C:\windows\HOSTS.SAM (with Notepad). Yes, the hardware/network is fine if NetBEUI works. That is why I recommend installing NetBEUI first, to be sure the network hardware is functioning. The hub doesnít care about the protocol above that needed for the Ethernet, which runs below TCP/IP. If it works with NetBEUI, it should work with TCP/IP. Thatís not the problem. File and disk sharing will work with TCP/IP.
Make sure the Subnet mask is in the IP Address info for all of the computers.
Disable Wins and DHCP for the network adapter (the TCP/IP and DNS settings for the dial-up adapter are done in the specific dial-up adapter configuration: My Computer>Dial-up Networking>right Click the Specific connection>Properties>Server Types>TCP/IP)
All computers must have the same workgroup name.
Install Windows File and Printer sharing service on all computers and enable sharing Help>Contents>Windows 98 Troubleshooters>Networking
Open a DOS window and type
net view
net config
net diag followed by No when it canít find a computer running diag. Stop and leave diag running! Go to another computer and type net diag
Start>Run>winipcfg and select the appropriate adapter followed by >>more info
I probably forgot something... Larry

2. RE: TCP/IP Networking
bradleg May-25-00 06:00 PM
In response to message 1
I think that I don't have TCP/IP installed properly or I don't have the NICs configured properly for TCP/IP.

The mask is set properly to

What is the host table? and how do I use it?

3. RE: TCP/IP Networking
lbyard May-25-00 06:09 PM
In response to message 2
I agree or the network configuration is screwed up and has to be completly reinstalled (I've seen that many times). The HOSTS table (file) equates PC names to IP addresses so you can connect to //pcname instead of //xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (IP address). HOSTS.SAM is an example HOSTS file with comments. HOSTS.SAM is text file which can be examined with an editor. Larry

4. RE: TCP/IP Networking
bradleg May-25-00 06:12 PM
In response to message 3
Thanks Larry. I appreciate your time and expertise.

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