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Migrating Exchange server
WAZO Apr-10-01 01:40 PM
How can I move the exchange server to a new machien with the same name
In preef migrating the server to new one as an hardware upgrading ??
Thank you for help

1. RE: Migrating Exchange server
nbc Apr-10-01 03:16 PM
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All the info you need can be found here...


Good luck!

2. RE: Migrating Exchange server
lbyard Apr-10-01 03:22 PM
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You would probably have to copy an image of the hard disk partition from the old to the new computer. Assuming that both computers have IDE hard disk drives… I would remove the hard disk from the new computer, connect it to the secondary IDE interface on the old computer and use PowerQuest's Partition Magic or Norton's Ghost to copy an image of the partition(s) on the old drive to the new one. Also, there are other image copying programs available from various download web sites such as download.com. A similar procedure can be used for SCSI drives. Larry

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